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The New Force of Partnership

Pika Card and Sberbank
A special partnership program

Sberbank is a proud new partner of Pika Card loyalty program.  From now on you can collect points on your Pika Card with Sberbank BH.

If you do not have a Pika Card and you wish to enjoy all its benefits, you can apply for the leading loyalty card in any Sberbank branch in BiH.

Sberbank rewards Pika Card holders with up to 2.200 points:

  • Transfer your monthly income to Sberbank account and earn up to 1.200 points
  • For an approved debt consolidation loan or non-purpose loan you will be rewarded with up to 1.000 points

Payment Transactions

Domestic and foreign payments made easy and at low cost.

International clearing is a special form of payment transactions with Serbia enabled by the respective central banks. Sberbank BH d.d. is an international clearing member.
Advantage to this payment method is the transfer of full amount on the same day.
Download an updated list of correspondent banks.

Western Union

Money transfers with Western Union are secure, convenient and fast. Send money to more than 200 countries and over 500.000 locations worldwide.

To use this service, no bank account is required for the sender or receiver.  Western Union charges the sender for making the money transfer while the receiver is paid a no-fee full amount.

For more information on best fees and other charges please go to www.transfernovca.ba

Foreign Currency Exchange

You can buy or sell foreign currencies in Sberbank BH according to valid exchange rates. This service is available in Sberbank branches, at multi-function ATMs or with an authorized exchange office.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep your valuables in a safe place – rent one of our safe deposit boxes, with discretion guaranteed. Select the most convenient size of the safe deposit box. Rental period is flexible.

Safe deposit boxes are available for rent in the following Sberbank branches:

  • Stari Grad Branch, Štrosmajerova 3 (08:00- 16:30h on working days and 09:00 -13:00h on Saturdays)
  • Bihać Branch, V Korpusa 3 (08:00- 16:00h on working days and 09:00 -12:00h on Saturdays)

Bank Insurance

Having in mind different types of modern-day insurance demand, we offer a variety of bank insurance. In cooperation with insurance brokers we make your life safer and more secure. For more information on life insurance policies and property insurance please visit one of our branches.

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