Gifts for Children

Sberbank BH Employees Donate Gifts to "A Smile of Hope"

Over 150 members of  “A Smile of Hope“ association from Ilidža have recently received gifts for New Year's prepared by Sberbank BH employees.  Sberbank BH employees initiated collection of toys and sweets for this occasion.

"This donation is the result of our strategy to promote social responsibility of employees and develop community awareness. We are impressed with such a great response by our employees who have collected toys and sweets so as a bank we provided both financial and organizational support in order to make many association members happy  "A Smile of Hope" members,  Edin Karabeg, Sberbank BH CEO said.

Mirsada Kukić, the President of the association expressed satisfaction with the Bank response and for its generous donation. " I wish to extend my gratitude to Sberbank BH and its employees for having gifts to the members of our association" Mirsada Kukić noted.